Drum Drop Testing Machine

Drum Drop Tester


This machine is suitable for the roll and drop test of mobile phone and similar products, with the function of 6 digit digital display and counting, and can conduct the test of 2 samples simultaneously in 2 test bins.Mobile phone drum drop testing machine is suitable for mobile phone, PDA, electronic dictionary, CD, MP3, remote control and other small portable electronic products for continuous slewing and falling test.After N times of falling and falling behind, the product's ability to withstand rotary drop can be evaluated by setting the number of times to reach.


  • Mobile Phone
  • Tablet Computer
  • Electronic products


Number of rollers:
Allowable specimen weight:
Drop height:
500 or 1000mm (Customizable)
Drum width:
Rotary speed:
5-20 times /min
1-999999 (adjustable)
Machine size:
AC220V 50HZ 5A or designated
made of anti-static powder paint


1.The unique design of this machine can meet the requirement of simultaneous testing of 500 or 1000mm drop height, and at most two mobile phones can be tested simultaneously;

2.The machine is driven by taiwan-made speed-regulating motor and speed governor for rotary speed setting, and driven by synchronous belt pulley/drive, with extremely low noise at start and stop, and smooth operation;
3.The operation panel design is simple and easy to control. The frequency can be directly displayed and the rotation can be controlled by inching to facilitate loading and unloading of specimens.
4, LCD display can be preset counter count, electric memory function, reach the set times automatically stop;

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