Dust Proof Test Chamber

Dust Proof Test Chamber 1


Sand Dust Simulation Test Chamber is designed according to GB4706, GB2423, GB7000.1, IEC60529,ect standards and meet the IPX5 and IPX6 dust test requirements. It is maily used for testing control cabinet, household appliances, low voltage electric appliance, automobile, lamps and lanterns, motorcycle parts,ect outer shells. Test chamber pressure can be constant and changed, suitable for indoor low concentration dust pollution test, assessment sample in this environment of sealing and corrosion degree.


  • Led lights
  • Metal Parts
  • Electronics
  • Car Spare Parts


Model XB-OTS-800PL XB-OTS-1000PL
Workroom size(W*H*D)mm 800*800*800 1000*1000*1000
Technical index and Material Inner SUS import stainless steel plate
Shell cooling steel plate,surface spray
Electrical control systems PLC Controler
Temperature control Touch- temperature controller
Blower Time 1S-99H(optional)
Vibration time 1S-99H(optional)
Timing range 0-99H
Dust dosage 2-4kg/m³
Dust dimensions <=32µm33%.32µm-250µm67%
Mesh Diameter 50um
Wire Spacing 75um
Mode of operation Procedure
Dehumidify electric heating
Temperature range 25ºC-40ºC
Fairlead Φ50mm. With sealing plug
Inspection window(mm) visible glass window with scraper
Time of lighting and energize Adjustable opening and closing
Pumping time ≤60 times ,Gas volume inner of Hull/hour
Pressure differential ≤2kPa(20mbar)
Blowing machine stainless centrifugal fan
Vacuum system pressure gauge,air filter regulator,triple pieces of Voltage,connecting pipe
Electric components contactor, switch and button  import from France Schneider and FULI” japan
Electric socket dust-protected socket,16A 220V


1. Formed using CNC machining box, nice shape, and no reaction by the handle, easy to operate.
2. Imported high grade stainless steel inner tank (SUS304) mirror panels, use of A3 steel box outside the gall spray, increasing the appearance of the texture and cleanliness.
3. Equipment containing dust vertical circulation of air, dust can be reused for testing; device itself has a good sealing performance, test, laboratory test can clearly observe the situation; device equipped with a vacuum system to meet the needs test; equipment dust the bottom of the device can be replaced,
4. Large observation window with bright lights to keep the box, and use of tempered glass embedded heating element, at any time a clear observation box condition.
5. Test with 50mm diameter holes for the external test power line or signal line.

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