EN425 Floor Caster Test Machine

Floor Casters Abrasion Durability Testing Machine 1 (1)


Caster-resistant floor friction tester, also known as floor casters abrasion durability testing machine, floor casters friction durability testing machine, also known as castor-resistant floor effect tester, etc., this test is widely used to test the wear resistance of the floor caster by certain Specifications casters in a certain speed, a certain load, friction floor samples under certain circumstances trajectory, after the completion of the cumulative number of tests automatically shut down to observe the change of the sample, the sample assess wear, with a total count of the experimental loop back lap times can be set, holding pressure time can be set and other functions.


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Model XB-OTS-7W
Test function Caster-resistant flooring effect test / resistant floor caster friction durability test
Sample table ¢800mm
Size of Sample ¢750mm
Load 90kg
Test Speed Rotary table (20 + 0 / -1) r / min, caster assembly (50 ± 1) r / min
Timer (0 ~ 999999) times ( the standard of 25,000 times can be set)
Run Time Control  After the rotation of the (180 ± 10) s, and maintain the platform stops (5 ± 2) s
Test Method Continuous cycle test
Power Supply 1 phase 220 V 50hz
External size About(L)1460×(D)1000×(H)1750mm
Weight About400kg



One set of standard load
One set of floor casters
One set of Power line,operation manual


1.Mold custom casters special abrasion test, life is not less than 50 million times, users can save the cost of a very large supplies consumption. (Service life not less than 50 million times based on the results of Armstrong commercial flooring samples tested)
2.The configuration of Strengthening caster is not only make the caster structure stronger but also more durable, more suitable for the testing of sample with greater friction and friction coefficient
3.Caster has automatic load leveling device, it is possible with the specimen thickness changes automatically adjusted three wheels in contact with the flatness of the sample.
4.After the proven standard running track friction, ensure that the test conditions are in line with a unified industry standard, with standardized so that make the results are comparable.
5.Compact and elegant design, which is not only being safer to use,but also being more easy to operate and maintain.
6.Having a function of one button to complete, that is one engineer who without any mechanical principle can very quickly grasp practices and use safely.

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