Floor furniture leg abrasion test machine

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This instrument is suitable for semi rigid PVC plastics floor tiles, PVC sheet flooring, plastic flooring, floor, athletic floor,electrostatic floor, floor, carpet and elastic fabric laminate flooring surfaces imulation anti scratch test mobile furniture leg wear.


  • Furniture leg



1. Weight load:
32kg, 70kg, 100kg
PLC control and online display of speed and test force value.
2. Test speed:
150 mm / S ~ 200 mm / s, running over 700 mm;
3. Capacity :
1000N , When the force value exceeds 1000N, it will stop automatically
4. Cement fiber board:
5. Straight slide rail is equipped with cement fiber board
6.Machine dimension:
1750* 400 * 500mm L*W*H
(you need prepare a flat desktop to put the machine )
7.Power system:
variable frequency motor and reducer, with mechanical brake, quantity and force on-line display
8.The standard configuration
Synchronous belt drive, linear slide, automatic return
9.Power :
One phase 220V 50Hz (could be customized too )
10.Net weight:

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