High And Low Temperature Tensile Testing Machine

High And Low Temperature Tensile Testing Machine 2


This high and low temperature tensile testing machine is suitable for universal materials testing, for tensile, compression, bending, peeling, tearing, peeling, bursting, fatigue test on metal rod, metal plate, rubber, PU, leather, plastic, foam, sponge, water-proof material, cable, wire, fabric, nettle, non-woven, etc..


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Model XB-OTS-8000
Capacity 500N,1kN,2kN,5kN,10kN,20kN,50kN can option
Resolution 1/500,000
Load accuracy ±0.25%F.S
Test speed range 0.001~500mm/min or 1~1000mm/min
Temperature range room temperature-75℃ ~250℃
Inner chamber dimension W300×D350×600mm
Temperature control accuracy ±2℃
Min. temperature value 0.1℃
Cooling recycle system 90W motor, Stainless steel lengthen roller, multi-wing fan blade
Heater 1000W×2 fin-style radiator tube stainless steel heater
Thermal insulation material high temperature chamber: glass fiber; low temperature chamber, hard foam.
Coolants low temperature chamber, environmental coolants
Chamber material inner side will be SUS304# mirror, the outside will be cold steel plate with painting
Temperature control mode P.I.D self-adjusting mode and SSR control
Temperature controller button input, LED digital display output
View window double layer view window(180×220mm)
Dimension WxDxH 950×800×2400mm
Weight 295kg
Power AC220V,12A

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