High Frequency Vibration Testing Machine



Through the vibration controller of the signal source output to the power amplifier, amplified by the signal and then input to the vibration table body, generating excitation source, simulate the actual situation of the specimen to the vertical vibration test; through the acceleration sensor signal acquisition and input to Vibration control device, the output signal and feedback signal stacking calculation, to achieve the excitation source and the target spectrum of high degree of coincidence. The system is given by the signal target spectrum, to complete the vibration test of the specimen, the test specimen vibration durability, integrity and so on.


  • Battery
  • Vehicles
  • Chemical
  • Aerospace
  • Metal Parts
  • Electronics
  • Car Spare Parts
  • Building Materials
  • Communication Equipment
  • Plastic Rubber Products


Vibration table
Sine thrust 600kgf
Random thrust 600kgf
Impact thrust 1200kgf
Frequency Range 5~2000Hz
Continued displacement 51mm
The impact of displacement 51mm
Maximum speed 2m/s
Maximum acceleration 981m/s2
Moving coil diameter Φ150mm
Allow eccentric moment >190N.m
Load connection point 6 piont
Equivalent mass of moving parts 6kg
Countertops screw size (standard) M8
Screw layout table (diameter, circumference) 8 on Φ100mm,8 on Φ,200mm.
Axial isolation frequency <3Hz
Maximum load 120Kg  
Magnetic flux leakage <1mT
Dimensions (without packaging)(L×W×H) 1600mm×985mm×850mm
Vibration table  Weight 1850kg


* Aluminum levels skateboards
* Lower frame structure, the overall system isolation (standard 2.5Hz)
* Reinforcement, welded steel table body design, quality is high and the thrust
* Designed for integrated environmental testing
* Separate horizontal slide, can be used with any vibration table (existing or new) in combination with
* Low pressure pump
* Band filters tank
* V-groove guide bearings and dynamic guidance system limit deflection
* Economical and efficient way to test the level of

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