Incline Impact Testing Machine

Incline Impact Testing Machine 2


Slope impact test machine is simulated the impact strength of packaging in the real circumstance of transport.  Slope impact test machine is apply to the pile up of goods, slide of electromechanical, loading of the engine, transportation of product. This product is also can supply as the test machine to scientific research institution, college, packaging technique test centre, packaging material manufacture and foreign trade or transport department.


  • Scientific research institution
  • College
  • Packaging technique test centre
  • Packaging material manufacture
  • Transport department


Item Description
Load capacity 100kg-600kg (can be customized)
Impact surface dimension 1600*2200mm,2100*2400mm (can be customized)
Maximum slide length (mm) 1600 (can be designed accord to customer's requirement)
Impact velocity range (m/s)  1.305~2.608,1.305~2.334
Impact velocity error ≤±5%
Pulley platform dimension (mm) 1000×1000 mm  (can be customized)
Control system micro-processor single chip
Plane inclined to the vertical angle 0°, 15°(can be customized)
Impact surface material Rubber wood with two-rail steel track
Working condition Temperature 0~40°, humidity ≤80%  (no condensation)
Record can custom made by the requirement standard.
Safety features E-Stop
Over-load protection
Upper and lower limit switches
Load sensor with automatic retreat
Supply voltage Three phase 380V,50/60Hz


1. Flexible location motor-driven pulley. It is easy to fix and achieve the change of speed.
2. The height of slope is relatively low so that is benefit of fix the specimen; strong impact resistance board, guarantee the fastness of the structure.
3. The pulley can be adjusted to horizontal in order to fix the specimen for customer. The angular adjustment can be driven by cylinder which is flexible and convenience.
4. In order to keep the test staff completely safe the tester support remote control operating.
5. The customer only need to fix the machine on the ground when stalling, no other complicated operation convenient for test.

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