Keyboard Hit Button Life Test Machine

Keyboard Hit Button Life Test Machine 1


This tester is used for life time test of computer keyboard, note-book keyboard, other knobs and switches, can test many parts together at the same time (Every parts can be tested at many different places) Can test Max.120 keys for keyboard.


  • Keyboard
  • Phone
  • PC


Model XB-OTS-8900s
Clamp area (WxD) 400x300mm
Table adjust 0~100mm
Test load base load 80gf, 10, 20, 30,50gf can be added accordingly
Test speed 36~360 times/min
Test cycle 1~99,999,999times (cycle)
Dimension (WxDxH) 600x400x720mm
Weight 100 kg
Power Supply AC220V 50Hz 5A or specified by user


1.Highest speed is 600times/min (10times/sec.)
2.Can test top to120 keys for one time, which can satisfy full inspection for keyboard quality control.

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