Low Frequency Vibration Testing Machine

Vibration Test Machine ( Vertical & Horizontal Directions)

Electromagnetic vibration test series are widely used in national defense, aerospace, communications, electronics, automobile, household appliances and other industries.
This type of equipment is used to detect early failure, simulate actual condition assessment and structural strength test. The product has wide application range, wide application area, significant test effect and reliability.

1. Humanized operation and control, using professional measurement and control software, make the equipment work more stable and reliable
2. The whole machine USES compound industrial materials manufacturing, precision processing, ultra - static
3. It is made of magnesium-aluminum alloy material, which can completely isolate magnetic field interference and effectively prevent magnetization
4. Vacuum sweep and fixed - frequency operation mode, adapt to different industry testing requirements
5. Low - precision frequency output, four - point synchronous excitation, mesa vibration even
6. Anti - magnetic and anti - interference ability
7. The company has a secure and reliable protection function
Due to its high efficiency and low noise fan cooling, it ensures long running time

Software Control :

Main Parameters:

Max.Load(kg) 40kg
Max Acceleration 150 m/s²
Frequency range(Hz) 5~400Hz
Sweep-frequency range(Hz) 5~400Hz
Amplitude(mm) 0~5mm
Vibration waveform Sine wave
Vibration direction Vertical  & Horizontal
Vibration mode Electromagnetic vibration
Cooling type Air cooled
Working table size L.W.H(mm) 550×550×43mm
Machine size L.W.H(mm) 1000×570×450mm
Control chamber size L.W.H(mm) 420×300×250mm
Power(KVA) 2.2
Total weight (kg) 150KG

Set way: Chinese and English menu, computer operation, the use of specialized monitoring and control software,
test of the whole process of handling and output.
Display functions: Dynamic display test curves, multi-Dan, on the number of data.
Curve recorder features: Real-time record of the test data,test data automatically,the test results can be stored, printed


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