Mechanical Impact Tester



The mechanical impact tester is mainly suitable for the impact test of electronic products, aerospace, shipbuilding, military industry, automobile parts, transportation and other fields. By selecting different waveform generators, half sine wave, post peak saw-tooth wave or square wave impact test can be carried out.


  • Electronic products
  • Aerospace
  • Shipbuilding
  • Military industry
  • Automobile parts
  • Transportation and other fields.


Model(Support OEM/ODM) XB-OTS-30
Table Size(cm) 40*40
Max Load(kg) 30
Max Acceleration (G) Half sine wave 600
post peak saw tooth wave 100
Trapezoid wave
Pulse Effect Time(ms) Half sine wave 30~0.5
post peak saw tooth wave 18~6
Trapezoid wave
Machine Size (cm) 120*110*245
Weight (kg) 1900
Working Air Pressure 0.5~0.8MPa


1. The free fall impact machine with hydraulic lifting and high pressure oil brake is used to realize the shock characteristics test of the vibration isolation system under different impulse width.
2. the use of gas liquid pressurization, strong friction brake to prevent two impact braking function;
3. With the impact measuring instrument and single channel data acquisition, the acceleration data of two channels can be measured, stored, report print, data callback, database management and so on.
4. A wide sine wave pulse with arbitrary action time can be generated.
5. Can do the equivalent drop test of the packing box.
6. Many parallel infrared rays form a protective wall to protect the personal safety of the operator.

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