Microcomputer Insertion Force Testing Machine

Microcomputer Insertion Force Testing Machine 1


The machine is suitable for a variety of connector plug test, has a number of Settings, speed adjustable, display speed value.Insertion Force Testing Machine is suitable for connectors insertion and withdrawal force tests, the use of unique device automatically matched to find the heart of a variety of special fixture connector, the plug can be completely accurate force results. All the testing information are setting by the computer and it can automatically store testing condition,test result,(load-displacement),curve,life decay curve and automatically generate reports.


  • Mobile phone
  • Computer


Testing speed 5~20 times/min
The height of test roller 0.5 1m/1 m
Roller test warehouse number 2 PCS
Count 6 digital display count(1~999999)
Load of test 2,5,20,50kg
power 1phase 220V ,50-60HZ
Machine size(D*W*H) 550*470*450(mm)


1. Use touch screen control to operate simple and intuitive.
2. Independent controller to control the motor, so that the trip to an accurate up to 0.01mm, which is other mechanical control stroke or photoelectric control stroke simple plug test machine can not be compared;
3. The design of the load protection, when the upper and lower limits to set the test machine to automatically stop the action to prevent the sensor was crashed.
4. Ordinary non-computer plug-in testing machine has the following defects:
a single function, can only do plug-in test; stroke is mechanical control (adjust the deflection wheel or adjust the electrical switch), travel accuracy can not meet the connector test requirements;
Protection, because the test procedure is quite simple, when the customer misuse the upper and lower jigs hit together, the program can not stop the test machine work, to make great damage to the sensor;
Compared with the horizontal plug force, can be equipped with automatic heart device, Test is not inserted partial; powerful, price concessions. Is a connector manufacturer of a considerable practical utility of the plug test machine.

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