Mobile phone free fall drop testing machine



This machine is suitable for the free fall test of small consumer electronic products and parts such as mobile phones (cell phones), walkie-talkies, electronic dictionaries, intercom phones for apartment buildings, CD/MD/MP3, etc. Conform to standard: JIS C 0044 IEC 60068-2-32


  • Small consumer electronic products
  • Mobile phones
  • Cell phones
  • Walkie-talkies
  • Electronic dictionaries
  • CD
  • MD
  • MP3


Drop Height: 10-500mm adjustable
Drop Method: pneumatic
Test Station: 1 station
Allowable Test Piece Weight: 5kg (max)
Control Method: LCD touch screen + PLC control
Number of drops: 1-20 times/min can be set
Impact Floor: A3 iron plate
The height of the protective fence: 150mm (safety protection)
Machine size: W400*H400*D1400mm
Mode of operation: Up and down fixed rail movement
Machine weight: about 45kg
Air source: ≥0.5Mpa
Power supply: 220V/50H

Key operation description:

Test speed: Set the test speed
Number of times setting: Set the number of tests
Set the height: Set the drop height
Pause time: The pause time is set after rising to the set height
Current height: Displays the current test height
Current Number: Displays the number of tests currently completed

Quickly Quotation: