Mobile phone hard pressure testing machine

Mobile phone hard


This machine can simulate the mobile phone and other products, imitate the human repeated seat pressure life test, with a certain hardness of the round bar aluminum as the inpressure head, driven by the cylinder, adjust a certain pressure of 17kg, after measuring the number of arrival to see the extent of damage. Meet the YD/T 1539-2006 standards. The mobile communication mobile phone without packaging is installed with the supporting battery, and the keyboard is turned on and locked with the front facing up. The body and the axis of the fixed support are placed vertically on the aluminum extrusion head of the round rod with the length of 12cm at (250±10) N, and the sample is squeezed 1000 times at the frequency of 15-30 times per minute. After the function, appearance and assembly should meet the requirements of the relevant standards. For the folding, sliding and rotating structure of the hand-held machine, should be tested in its closed cover state.


  • Mobile phone


Testing station:
Test maximum sample:
150mmX70mm, adjustable height within 5-25mm
Working frequency:
15-55 times/min
Force sensor:
Alarm time:
5-10 seconds (fixed)
Pressure head requirements:
the selection of round bar aluminum
Machine size:

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