Mobile Phone Orientation Drop Testing Machine

Mobile Phone Orientation


This machine is suitable for mobile phone (mobile phone), mobile lithium battery, walkie-talkie, electronic dictionary, apartment walkie-talkie, MP3 and other small electronic products.


  • Mobile Phone
  • Mobile Lithium Battery
  • Walkie-Talkie
  • MP3
  • Other Small Electronic products


The maximum test height:
400-1800mm, displacement accuracy is ± 0.5mm
Maximum drop weight:
PLC programming touch screen control
The minimum departure height:
0 -- 999999 (configurable)
Use air source:
After the test, the drop speed m/s is automatically displayed


1. Free electronic control switch of three vacuum suction cups

2. Automatically return to the adsorption position after each fall

3. The drop height and adsorption height can be set, and the number of drops can be displayed/cleared

4. Safety door protection function

5. Directional drop test, free drop test, automatic and manual function, benchmark height compensation function, fall height, final landing speed, test data can be set

6. The measured body is released at a height of 400mm, and the drop Angle of the product is close to the Angle set by the test; Drop Angle error of 1-3 degrees a variety of drop plate available: steel plate, wood, marble SLATE, applicable to the test requirements of many countries

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