360° Notebook Flip Life Tester

Notebook Flip Life Tester2


The laptop flip life tester is suitable for the NOTE-BOOK laptop computer. After opening the cover multiple times, whether the shaft still has the holding force or the shaft resistance becomes large, the plastic body is damaged. This machine adopts high-end touch LCD screen for full Chinese display, easy to use, all adjust the numerical control power, angle, speed and frequency. The hardware adopts stepping motor + imported PLC + LCD screen, with high precision, low noise and long life.


  • Notebook


Max dimension of specimen:
range 0-20 inches
Test angle:
5-180 degrees (touch screen can be set)
Angle display:
touch screen display, the minimum display of 0.1 degrees.
Test speed:
2-20 times / min (touch screen can be set)
The number of trials:
0-99999999 times (can be preset, power-off memory function)
Test mode:
manual (debug mode) and automatic (test mode) can choose
Control system:
seven-inch TFT true color touch screen + PLC + precision motor
Fixed fixture:
adjustable fixture
Working surface height adjustable:
0-60 mm
Protection function:
emergency stop function, automatic homing function
working power:
1 phase AC220V, 50HZ


1. The notebook computer flip life testing machine is treated with electrostatic baking paint. The table top and fixture are all treated with pure aluminum oxidation. The whole machine is designed reasonably, the structure is tight, the operation is safe, stable, accurate and meets the requirements;

2, notebook computer flip life test machine uses touch screen setting interface, PLC is the control system, driven by precision motor, easy to test, more in line with test requirements;
3, notebook computer flip life test machine angle, speed, frequency and other parameters can be preset, user-friendly design, more practical.

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