OTS XRF Analyzer



XRF instrument, namely X-Ray Fluorescence spectrum analysis, the secondary X-Ray produced by X-Ray irradiation on matter is called X-Ray Fluorescence, while the X-Ray used for irradiation is called primary X-Ray. So x ray fluorescence is still X ray. A typical X-ray fluorescence XRF instrument consists of an excitation source (X-ray tube) and a detection system.


  • SPR1 is a high-performance energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer (EDXRF), original light path system, heat dissipation system, control system and software algorithms, which make SPR1 surpass similar products in terms of test precision, accuracy and ease of operation. Its excellent performance is widely used in the fields of RoHS / HF detection, heavy metal detection, alloy composition, precious metal detection, coating test, soil composition, mineral composition and other fields users' praise.


1.Overall dimensions of the instrument
2.Test space
Visualize the sample bin and observe the sample during the test
3.Spot size


5.Working temperature


6.Working Relative humidity:
≤75% (non-condensing)
7.Test element range:
elements in S-U
8.Function description
Can be applied to RoHS directive, halogen-free directive, WEEE directive, ore, alloy analysis; Pb (lead), Cd (cadmium), Hg
(mercury), total Cr (chromium) and halogen total Br (bromine) in electronic and electrical plastic products , Cl (chlorine)
element control.
9.Types of analysis samples
Solid, liquid, powder, paste, etc .;
10.Test range:
11.Measurement time
60-240s (software automatic adjustment)
12.Warranty period
Two-year warranty (14 months), including three core components: X-ray
Tube, detector, high voltage power supply.
Amptek X-123, resolution 145eV, full set of original imported integrated (probe + digital pulse processor)
14.X-ray tube
The maximum power is 50W, molybdenum target side window X-ray tube (Be), service life: more than 20,000 hours.
15.High voltage power supply
Maximum power 50W (50kV, 2mA) (0 ~ 2mA continuously adjustable)
16.Input power supply
AC 220V±10%,50Hz
17.Maximum power
18.Filter / collimator
6 kinds of composite filters; 6 kinds of collimators; automatic switching;
5 million pixels
20.Software algorithm
Empirical coefficient method, internal standard method, standard curve method, basic parameter method
22.Software operating system
Open analysis model function, triple-ray protection system (software, hard
Parts, labyrinth design), automatic warning system for opening test, self-protection for overvoltage
Protection, self-recovery. Circuit hardware safety interlock, misoperation 0.1uS fast cut
X-ray source
23.Report format
WORD, PDF, EXCEL, report format can be set according to customer needs.
24. Sample shape:
Solid, liquid, powder, etc., not limited
25. Sample thickness:
Not limited
26. Test requirements (features)
1.Positionable test;
2. The test completion software automatically determines whether it is qualified or not, and automatically exports the test report
with product pictures and spectrum diagrams;
3. There is a spectrum of the test elements and a spectrum comparison function.
27.Sample test diameter:
Φ0.1mm—Φ25mm optional
28.Analytical detection limition:
29.RoHS measurement accuracy:
The measurement accuracy deviation of samples around 1000ppm is ± 50ppm; around 100ppm is ± 10ppm; the maximum detection limits of
Cr, Hg, Pb, and Cd are ≤2ppm


1.Has the USB download function, with RS232 interface, the curve of the software, do notneed recorder
2.With vacuum glass observation window, direct observation of the function more effectively
3.The refrigerant servo control valve flow calculation. Save electricity 30%, dormancy in flow time, energy savingmore than 50%
4.Preventing electromagnetic interference by SGS certification controller;At least 32 digital soft path matching with The Times development and software upgrade function
5.Defrost cycle (800 cycle defrost time, defrosting guarantee within 2 hours each time, integration test reach 25% of the energy saving province electricity)

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