Paper bending stiffness tester

Paper bending stiffness


Paper bending stiffness tester Used to measure paper and cardboard materials with low gram weight bending stiffness tester, used to evaluate the stiffness and resilience of flexible materials, can be set according to the test requirements of the sample vertical and horizontal direction, tension, test speed and bending Angle. It is mainly used for measuring the bending rigidity of various kinds of paper, cardboard, film, plastic, wire, metal sheet and other composite materials. The measuring range is 0~1000g(0~10000mN). It is suitable for papermaking, packaging and printing industry, relevant scientific research institutions and quality inspection departments.


  • Paper
  • Cardboard


Sample size:
The actual measurement size:
38* (1~50) mm
And the distance between the test:
1 mm, 5 mm, 10 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm is adjustable
Span accuracy:
Measurement range:
0~1000g (0~10000mN)
sensing accuracy ±0.1%
Bending Angle:
1~90º infinite adjustable
Multi-functional measurement:
stiffness/crease stiffness dual system
Angular speed control:
0.5~5°/sec adjustable
Angle accuracy:
Measurement thickness:
(0.01~5.0) mm
Bending time:
Operation interface:
touch screen or button test
Print output:
modular integrated thermal printer
The overall size:
Net weight:


1.Touch screen with curved display, free switch between Chinese and English;

2.Test Angle adjustable: (1 ~ 92) arbitrary setting;

3.The test time can be set in any number between (2 and 50)s;

4.With automatic zero adjustment function, no manual need to rely on the sample before testing;

5.After completion of the test, return to the starting position at high speed, and the return speed can be set between (1~12);

6.The change of test Angle is automatically controlled by the motor, which improves the measurement efficiency and reduces the human influence;

7.The test is automatically reset, and the force value and Angle value are automatically reset during the test to improve the accuracy of the test results;

8.With measurement statistics, printing and other functions, convenient for users to test operation and data view;

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