Plug-and-pull force tester



This machine is suitable for PBC circuit board, needle row, female row, simple horn, long ear horn, wire press head, WAFER, round hole IC seat and USB connector (USB3.0), HDMI HD cable, Display cable, DVI cable, VGA cable and other computer peripheral connector plug life test. The male end and the female end of the manual insert the deepest, the female end into the rear anti-slip fixture equipped with sensors, the knob on both sides of the handle will clamp the product, the hand can be adjusted eccentric shaft, keep the parallel state of straight, the knob on both sides of the handle will be the male end of the product with anti-slip clamp. Press to start the touch screen can display the continuous change value and peak value of inserting and pulling force, and has the number of Settings, with inserting and pulling force value display and printing function, speed and pull stroke can be adjusted, and display the speed value, it can be described as the most cost-effective inserting and pulling force testing machine on the market.


  • PBC circuit board
  • Needle row
  • Female row
  • Simple horn
  • Long ear horn
  • Wire press head
  • USB connector
  • Other


Maximum load:
50kg, 20kg, 5kg, 2kg(choose one)
Total number:
0-99999999 times (can be set,reach the number of automatic stop, power off memory function)
servo motor + precision ball screw drive
Handle type test fixture:
with non-slip,not easy to damage the test material special fixture
Back-end fixture:
can be used for different specifications and models of circuit board,up and down left and right distance adjustment,easy to
7 inch touch screen display
Display of force value:
Insert force and pull force are displayed separately
Force value unit:
Kg,N,iB three kinds of international general units can be selected, can meet the needs of customers in various countries
Test accuracy:
Test stroke:
100mm (touch screen input)
Working surface:
The fixture is customized according to customer's product size
Micro printer:
micro printer, print test the current force value and the average value of the force
Working power supply:
AC 220V/50Hz/5A
about 30kg

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