Repeat Drop Tester

Repeat Drop Tester


Repeat Drop Tester Apply for repeating dropping (light dropping) testing of mobile phone, telephone receiver, inter-phone,MP3, CD, electronic dictionary, etc. To check if the products’ parts and function normal or not after many times light dropping.


  • Mobile phone
  • Telephone receiver
  • Inter-phone
  • MP3
  • CD
  • Electronic dictionary


 Model XB-OTS-300/1S XB-OTS-300/2S
 Test amount 1 PCS 2 PCS
 Test load (max) 2Kgf(max)
 Drop height 300mm (or specified)
 Test speed 5~25times/min
 Test cycle 1~999,999times (cycle)
 Dimension (WxDxH) 420x370x850mm 850x370x850mm
 Weight 25kg 80kg
 Air source ≥0.5MPa
 Power supply AC220V 50Hz 3A or specified by user

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