Rubber Key Switch Button Force Position Test Machine

Rubber Key Switch Button Force Position Test Machine 2


This tester is used for pressing force test and rebounding force test of keyboard buttons, and the key stokes, buttons of all kinds of electronic products.Adopt high precision load cell and drive by servo motor, can get accurate force testing data.


  • Rubber key force test
  • Spring & key force test
  • Keyboard & mobile keystoke force test
  • Switch force test


Model XB-OTS-205S
Capacity (optional) 500gf, 2kgf, 5kgf
Unit (switchable) Kgf, N, Lb, gf
Load accuracy ±0.5%
Min. load display 0.01gf
Test stroke 100mm
Min. angle display 0.001mm
Test speed 0~200mm/min
Speed accuracy ±0.5%
motor AC servo motor
Main unit dimension (WxDxH) 300x270x500mm
Main unit weight 25kg
Power supply AC220V 5A or specified by user


1.The software can create the force value testing report and the testing curves.
2.The values of peak force, return force, distance, TT, Click rate and dynamic Impedance data
can directly display on the testing window.
3.FC, FC_D, FP,. FP_D, FM, FM_D, FR, FR_D, CC, CC_D, CR, TT, FM, FO, FO_D can be indicated after testing and past or failure can be judged by software according r setting the judging conditions.
4.Chinese / English display interface can be shifted by user; N, lb, gf, kg units can be shifted freely.
5.Testing methods can be set and reserved by user, and can create the life-time damping curve and the testing report which can be converted to be Excel and PDF file, or can be printed out directly from the original file.

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