Simulated Transportation Vibration Table

Automatic Paper Bursting Pressure Strength Test Machine 2 (1)


Vibration Testing Machine, which simulates a transporation environment, is applicable to the vibration test of toys, electronics, furnitures, gifts, ceramics, communications, packagings, equipment, computer and automobile components, etc.


  • Packaging materials
  • PC boards
  • Electrical products
  • Toys
  • Urnitures
  • Gifts
  • Communications
  • Computer
  • Automobile components


Frequency range 60~300RPM cycle/min (Adjustable)
Vibration mode Rotary vibration (Vertical and horizontal)
Amplitude range 25.4mm(1 inch)   meet ISTA/EN71
Max .Load 60KG
Accuracy Grade  0.5
Simulation speed 25 ~ 40km / h
Working Table size(L*W)(mm) 100*110 cm
Digital speed Accuracy is not greater than ± 3 rev / min
Work time setting range 0~999H99M
Speed display accuracy 1RPM cycle/min
Motor Power 1HP
Max.current 5A
Power 1 phase 220V 50Hz/60Hz
Overall dimensions 1200*1000*700 mm
Machine weight 134kg
Environmental conditions temperature: 5 ~ 40 ℃, relative humidity ≤ 85%
Speed control mode DC speed control or AC frequency control
*** Standard:  EN71,ANSI,UL,ASTM ISTA


1. Low price, the price is only 10% of similar products in the United States;
2. Digital instrument display vibration frequency;
3. Synchronous mute belt drive;
4. The specimen is clamped with rail, easy to operate, safe;
5. The base of the machine adopts heavy-duty trench with damping pad, easy installation, smooth operation, no need to install the foot screw;
6. DC motor speed, smooth operation, strong load capacity;
7. Rotary vibration (commonly known as racing), in line with European and American transport standards;

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