Smoothness Testing Machine

Smoothness testing machine


Automatic smoothness tester used for paper and board surface smoothness measurement, papermaking, packaging, printing, commodity inspection,Ideal testing equipment for scientific research departments.


  • Paper
  • Cardboard


Power supply:
AC220V±20% 50HZ
Communication port:
USB2.0/RS232 port
Measuring range:
(1 ~ 99999)s
Timing accuracy:
timing 99999s, error is not more than ±0.1s
Test area:
Vacuum setting range (kPa)>:
300 seconds 50.66 ~ 48.00
15-300 seconds 50.66 ~ 48.00<:
15 seconds 50.66 ~ 29.33
Measuring pressure:
Vacuum container system volume (ml) Large vacuum container 380±1 Small vacuum container 38±1
Discharge air volume (ml)(50.66kPa decreased to 48.00kPa) 10±0.15 in large vacuum container 1±0.04 in small vacuum container
Discharge air volume (ml)(50.66kPa decreased to 29.33kPa) Large vacuum container 80±0.8 small vacuum container 8±0.1

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