Sofa Durability Tester

Sofa Durability Tester 1


The tester can simulate the condition of daily use,test the sofa seat bearing capacity when it’s under repeated loading.The tester load to the horizontal positioned sofa seat surface,backrest and armrest by using a fixed shape and weigh loading block in certain frequency to test the bearing capacity of sofa to repeated loading in a long-term.


  • Durability test for the cushion surface
  • Durability test for the edge of cushion
  • Height measurement of the mattress
  • Measurement of the Hardness value


Function Three Seating and backrest test modules, one armrest test modules
Seat load 750 N; Backrest load: 400N
Timer 0~999,999, can set the test cyclic freely
Weight about 400kg
Power 1phase,AC220V,50Hz
Air source 7kg/ cm2(provided by customer)
Machine dimension (L×W×H) about 2500×1700×1850mm
Operation LCD color Touch screen, easy to operate, PLC programmable controller


1. Sofa durability tester, simulates everyday use sofa seat under the conditions of the face of the long-term repeatability load bearing capacity
2. The surface of the instrument for a certain shape, the weight of the load module placed on the level of the sofa seat, backrest and armrest parts of a certain height, frequency, power, repeated load, to test the sofa on long-term repeatability load bearing capacity

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