Spring durability testing machine



Series spring life testing machine is a professional testing equipment for reciprocating life test of various tensile compression springs or elastic originals. This model uses on-off to determine whether the spring is invalid, and is widely used in spring manufacturing and factories.


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Maximum load weight:
500N 50kgf
Test speed:
10 ~ 500mm / min (adjustable)
Control mode:
single counter
Maximum test length:
140mm (including fixture)
Amplitude / test stroke:
80mm (adjustable)
Test type:
stretching, compression
Test station:
1~3 groups
Number of tests:
max 100,0000 (6 digits)
Counting method:
counter counting
Machine weight:
about 100kg



1. Multiple counters display, simple and intuitive.

2. The single station independently determines the failure state.

3. The ball screw is used to drive up and down, which has higher precision.

4. Using cam structure transmission reciprocating test,the amplitude is adjusted by the digital caliper display, and the precision is higher.

5. Automatically adjust the test height without manual adjustment.

6. The tension and compression test is automatically switched, and there is no need to manually replace the test fixture.

7. Using on-off judgment, the number of automatic memory tests after fracture, after all fractures,the device automatically stops

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