Standard Box Clamping Force Testing Machine

Standard Box Clamping Force Testing Machine1


Clamping force testing machine is designed to measure the deflections of product packages and protective capacity of packages for product when suffering level pressure in the process of transportation and storage to improve the quality of product package.


  • Paper Package
  • Cardboard
  • Carton box
  • Corrugated case


Specimen shape Parallelepiped transport package
Maximum specimen weight 600kg
Clamping pressure force According to the transport diagram on the test sample, the operator can add 400-3000Lb (adjustable) pressure force on the corresponding surface.
Clamping plate size Height 48inch X depth 48inch
Clamping plate adjustable height 0~1000mm
Base plate dimension 2200 X 2100mm
Motor Panasonic Servo Motor
Accuracy within ±5%
Clamping plate requirement Make the two clamping boards flat and non-deform under work condition (2000 Pounds) and make clamping boards’ parallel and clamping board and land vertical. Clamping board is thicker than 25mm.
Clamping force rate 0.25-2.5mm/sec (according ISTA 6- SAMS CLUB)
Force corrector It displays force value and is used to calibrate clamping force.
Calibration accuracy ±1% F.S
Device width Less than 2.5m
Weight approx. 2000kg
Power 220v/ 60Hz
Controller: touch screen type, which can control & display the speed and force
Function the clamp can be up and down
Control Computer controlled type

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