Standard Free Drop Testing Machine

Standard Free Drop Test Machine 1


Free drop tester is mainly used for larger package drop test. Zero height drop tester use a quickly moves down E fork mounting as bracket. The specimen place balance as the test requirment(plane, edge,angle). When doing the test, the bracket do high-speed downward movement before the specimen, acceleration >3g, it need guarantee the bracket separate with the specimen and realize free fall. The standard drop height range is 2.54cm-120cm.


  • Bottle
  • Package
  • Carton box
  • Corrugated case


Drop Height 100~500 mm
Drop Platform Area (L×W) 1700×1200 mm
Specimen Max. Size (W×D×H)1620×750×2050mm
Max Drop Weight 150 Kg
Outside Dimension (W×D×H)1400×1800×1500mm
Power AC220V,50Hz,1 KW
Transmit Approach Motor driven ball screw
Horsepower 1 HP
Design Criteria ISO 2248, JIS Z0202-87, GB/T4857.5-92


1. The spindle is used by precision grinding shaft lever, high precision, good stability
2. LCD screen displays multi-parameter.
3. Power failure safety design, keeping the original state when the power is failed.
4. Up and down lifting limitation setting
5. Adopt single arm supports test object.
6. Swing arm system is controlled by air pressure.
7. Free adjust pressure and speed up to 2G with object weight.
8. Test elctronic parts, finished products or angle surfae of the package container.
9. Decompression change design, low noise.
10. Best after sales service: One year free parts maintenance.
11. Meet international test standards.
12. Customization is available & welcomed.

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