Thermal deformation Vicat softening point tester



The thermal deformation Vicat and softening point temperature measuring instrument uses PLC programmable controller to adjust the temperature and adopts computer display operation. The product is simple to operate, easy to use, stable in performance and high in product precision, and can monitor the test temperature and deformation in real time during the test process; when the test is over, the system automatically stops heating, and can print test reports and test curves. This series of models is an essential instrument for self-inspection of various quality inspection units, colleges and universities and enterprises.


  • Plastic


Temperature control range
ambient temperature—300℃
Heating rate
Ø (120±10)℃/h (12±1)℃/6min (50±5)℃/h (5±0.5)℃/6min
Temperature indication error
Temperature control accuracy
Maximum deformation indication error
Deformation measurement range
Ø 0—2mm
Number of sample racks
Ø 3
Load bar and tray mass
Test span range
Ø according to standard 64 or 100mm
Fuel tank volume
Ø about 25L
Heating medium
Ø methyl silicone oil or transformer oil
Cooling method
Ønatural cooling above 150, water cooling or natural cooling below 150
Heating power

1.Intelligent PID adjustment, accurate heating rate, precise temperature control and no difference
2.Can do thermal deformation test of various standard splines
3.Can do Vicat softening point test of various standard splines
4.Simultaneous thermal deformation and Vicat softening point test
5.The required load can be automatically calculated according to the test standard and spline size
6.Choose two heating rates, switch freely, easy to operate
7.Support multi-stripe test, color separation processing of test curve, intuitively see the test process of each group of samples
8.The test is completed or the temperature upper limit is exceeded and the temperature control is automatically turned off and shut down
9.Double protection of software over-temperature protection and external mechanical over-temperature protection, so that the test has no worries
10.Diversified report settings, perfect report printing function

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