Three Axis Key Pressing Load Test Machine

Three Axis Key Pressing Load Test Machine 1


Three Axis Key Pressing Load Test Instrument is suitable for various stress tests.Set coordinates,then do test automatically,record and display the test values.All the information/data can be stored (test conditions,load displacement curves,life curves and check report etc.


  • Mobile phone
  • PC


 Model XB-OTS-2800S
 Driving method of Z axis Servo motor of Japanese Panasonic
 Transducer 50N(5kgf)1000N(100kgf)
 Range of driving (up and down) 0~150mm
 Test range of load 0~50N(5kgf)or 0~1000N(100kgf)
 Resolution of load 0.01N
 Accuracy of load ±0.5%F.S
 Test range of displacement 0~150mm
 Resolution of displacement 0.001mm
 Accuracy of displacement ±0.03mm
 Range of test speed 0.1~150mm/min
 Driving method of X-Y axis Servo motor from Panasonic
 Control way X:(right and left) Y:(forward and backward)
 Driving range X:0~300mm  Y:0~300mm
 Resolution of displacement 0.002mm
 Accuracy of displacement ±0.05mm
 Range of moving speed 5~200mm/sec
 Max size of specimen W300xD300mm
 Size of machine W765xD895mmxH1250mm
 Size with table W1400xD900xH1900mm


1. Can be arbitrary input coordinates X,Y axis, the machine automatic move test.
2. Can input Max test stroke and load, Computer system automatically control and test.
3. Can set load, when value reaches the setting value,tester will pause or return.
4. Can set test stroke, when it reaches the setting value, tester will pause or return.
5. Can be directly tested and copy each trip point(0.01mm) and the load of the graphics.
6. Each measurement,graphics are available by the cross cursor tracking trajectory, interpretation of corresponding load and travel value,minimum 0.01mm.
7. Print and stored on the hard disk(each stroke curve,the life curve,inspection reports).
8. Test data are stored on the hard disk(each data can be stored,unlimited)
9. Test condition is all in the computer screen set(including test load,stroke,speed,frequency,air compressor,pause time,etc.).

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