Three station key button life time testing machine

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This machine can test the endurance life test of NATEBOOK (mobile phone, PDA), telephone, computer keyboard, electronic dictionary, pot film, pull tab, micro switch and various buttons and switches Several products (each product can be tested at multiple points), the buttons can choose different loads.


  • Key Button


three stations
Test Speed: 
15-100 times / minute, (adjustable);
The maximum bearing capacity of the test receiver
Test head load:
50g, 100g, 200g (a total of three sets of weights);
The up and down stroke of the receiving table
Effective size of the test bench storage:
150 x 200mm
The counting instrument adopts adjustable
6 digits, 0-99999 times;
Three groups of separate conduction counting, using red and black clips to fix the product normally open or normally closed ends
to achieve a loop, so as to judge,The product is damaged at any number of times and stops working

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