Top Grade Temperature And Humidity Test Chamber

Top Grade Temperature And Humidity Test Chamber 1


Top grade temperature and humidity chamber,also known as environmental chambers,test material heat,cold,dry resistance,humidity resistance. Suitable for electronics,electrical appliances,communications,instrumentation,vehicles,plastic products,metal,food,chemical,building materials,medical,aerospace and other products.


  • Battery
  • Vehicles
  • Chemical
  • Aerospace
  • Metal Parts
  • Electronics
  • Car Spare Parts
  • Building Materials
  • Communication Equipment
  • Plastic Rubber Products
  • Furniture


Model XB-OTS-80 XB-OTS-150 XB-OTS-225 XB-OTS-408 XB-OTS-800 XB-OTS-1000
Inner Chamber Size W*H*D(cm) 40*50*40 50*60*50 60*75*50 80*85*60 100*100*80 100*100*100
External Chamber Size W*H*D(cm) 70*158*146 80*168*156 90*183*156 100*193*166 110*203*186 110*203*206
Inner Chamber Volume(L) 80 150 225 408 800 1000
Temperature Range -70°C~+150°C(180°C
(A:-20℃ B:-40℃ C:-60°℃ D:-70℃) (Optional)
Humidity Range 20%~98%R.H.(10%~98%R.H/ 5%~98%R.H)


1.Has the USB download function, with RS232 interface, the curve of the software, do notneed recorder
2.With vacuum glass observation window, direct observation of the function more effectively
3.The refrigerant servo control valve flow calculation. Save electricity 30%, dormancy in flow time, energy savingmore than 50%
4.Preventing electromagnetic interference by SGS certification controller;At least 32 digital soft path matching with The Times development and software upgrade function
5.Defrost cycle (800 cycle defrost time, defrosting guarantee within 2 hours each time, integration test reach 25% of the energy saving province electricity)

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