Vulcanized Rubber Rotorless Rheometer

Vulcanized Rubber Rotorless Rheometer 1


The vulcameter without rotator is widely used in rubber processing industry, rubber quality control and basic research rubber, For optimize formula of rubber provide accurate data, It can accurately measure the scorch time, rheometer time, sulfide index, the maximum and minimum torque and other parameters.


  • Rubber


Model Number XB-OTS-7005A
Temperature Room temperature to 200 Centigrade
Temperature fluctuation ≤ ±0.3 Centigrade
Torque resolution 0.001NM
Heating-up 15 Centigrade/min
Temperature resolution 0.1 Centigrade
Torque range 0-5N.M,0-10N.M,0-20N.M
Air-pressure requirement 0.5Mpa--0.65MPa (user prepare the dia 8 trachea)
Humidity range 55--75%RH
Certificate CE ISO


1.This vulcameteris really confined mold cavity, and the United States Alpha (formerly Monsanto) has done. Reliability, and test data comparable with the Alpha. At the international leading position in the same industry.
2.The vulcameter development platform based on large databases, temperature control devices using the software to directly control and collection and processing. Instrument to overcome the general curing temperature of the shortcomings of using temperature controller (accuracy poor). The technical leadership of international new trend.
3.This vulcameter has statistics, analysis, storage and comparison functions. Humanized design, easy to operate .
4.Using imported high-precision sensors.

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