Wire Bending Life Testing Equipment



Model Number: XB-OTS-7188S

XB-OTS-7188S wire bending tester complies with the relevant standards of UL817, such as the "General Safety Requirements for Original Flexible Cords and Power Cords". Applicable to relevant manufacturers and quality inspection departments for bending life test of power cord, DC wire, headphone wire, USB wire, etc. Used to test the reliability of wire products at the specified speed, angle and weight.


  • Power cord

  • DC wire

  • Headphone wire

  • USB wire

  • etc.


Test Station
conduct 6 plug lead tests at each time
Test Speed
10~60 times / sub-digital display (adjustable)
Bend Angle
10 ~180 adjustable (Bending angle:30°,45°,60°,90°,120°,150°,180°(Adjustable)
Main Functions
each group is calculated separately, the machine automatically shutdown and automatically save the data.
Bend Times
0~999999 can be preset
Charge Weight
6 each of 50g, 100g, 200g, 300g and 500g
use electrostatic spray powder paint.
about 70kg
Working Power Supply
AC 220V / 50/60Hz


1,The Cabinet with electrostatic paint treatment, according to various standards of design, machine design is reasonable, Fastening structure, safe, stable and accurate;

2, Counter can be preset, test, test automatic counting of conduction, reached number machine Stop with power off memory function, convenient and practical;

3, Speed knob adjustable, LCD display, set customers according to their requirements, the user-friendly design;

4, Manually adjustable bending angle, indicates the needle indicates the scale dial, to better regulation; 5, Six stations while working independently, respectively, counting, one line, the corresponding counter Stop counting machine as usual test, improve testing efficiency;

6,Six groups of nonslip, easy to damage materials specially designed handle, clamping products more convenient, fast;

7, Test rods can be adjusted up and down, according to the standard requirements, and test better; 8, The distribution of weights with hook loading, multiple stacking, hanging more convenient.

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