Programmable Environmental Temperature And Humidity Chamber Operation Note Points

Environmental Test Chamber Operation Note Points

1.Do not use the box if you find that the machine is damaged or deformed.

2.To prevent electric shock or malfunction and malfunction, do not turn on the power before installing and wiring.

3.This product is non-explosion-proof products, please do not have combustible or explosive gas in the use of constant temperature and humidity machine.

4.When installing the machine, be careful not to let dust, thread, iron or other things enter, otherwise an error or malfunction will occur.

5.Do not disassemble, process, modify or repair the temperature and humidity machine, otherwise there will be abnormal movement, electric shock or fire hazard.

6.The ventilation holes of the body should be kept unobstructed to avoid malfunction, abnormal action, reduced life and fire.

7, the instrument work, please try not to open the constant temperature and humidity test chamber door, open the high temperature may cause burns on the operator, low temperature may open the staff on the morning frostbite, and may cause the evaporator icing, affecting the cooling effect. If you have to open, please do some protective work.

8.Wiring must be correct, be sure to ground. Ungrounded may cause electric shock, false action accidents, display is not normal or measurement has a greater error.

9.The internal parts of the instrument have a certain period of life, for the continuous and safe use of the instrument, please carry out regular maintenance and maintenance. When scraping this product, please dispose of it according to industrial waste.

10.During operation of the instrument, the power input terminal cover must be mounted on the terminal block to prevent electric shock.

11.When the instrument is in operation, modify the settings, signal output, start, stop and other operations should be fully considered before the security, the wrong operation will damage the work equipment or failure.

12.Check the terminal screws and retainers regularly. Please do not use them in loose condition.

13.Please use a dry cloth to wipe the instrument, do not use alcohol, gasoline or other organic solvents, do not spill water on the instrument, if the instrument immersed in water, please immediately stop using, otherwise there is leakage, electric shock or fire hazard. Even damage your device.

14 To avoid malfunction of the thermostatic and humidifier, please provide the power supply in the rated voltage range. For the safety of the machine, it is also for its own safety.


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