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QB/T2155, QB/T5082, QB/T1333 Luggage Oscillation Test Machine

Luggage oscillation test machine is to test the quality of suitcase, luggage and also can be as a basis for quality improvement. It is used for testing the strength of buckle, handle and whole structure of suitcase, travel bag. The test results can be used as a reference for product improvement when the test pieces are tested at a speed of 20 times per minute and a stroke of 0 ~ 4 inches with the specified load of suitcase, travel bag and so on. Using touch screen control, can accurately display the speed, test times, test process, screen simple operation simple, elegant appearance.

Test method: place the sample on the hook of the machine, and fasten it with rope. Set test times and speed.

Standard: QB/T1333-2018-, QB/T2155-2018-5.5.4, QB/T5082-2017-5.5.1

How to operate the machine:
1.Connect the electricity, put the sample on the hook.
2.Make sure the audible switch is not covered.
3.Press ‘Power’
4.Set parameters when the controller works.
① Press set.
② Set test times and confirm.
③ Press ‘test’ key, the machine starts to test and record the data.
④ During the test, you can press ‘stop’ key to pause the test. Press ‘Operating’
if you want to continue the test.
⑤ After test, you need to clear the data so that you can do the next test.
5.Finish the test.

Installation and maintenance
1.Power: Please connect the electricity with right voltage as the name plate shows.
2.Environmental requirement: 23±2℃; 60%±5% RH
3.Please place the machine on a flat ground.

1.Keep the machine clean and wipe the dust with cloth before and after test.
2.Spray the anti rust oil to the surface of the machine on a regular time.
3.The lubricating oil shall be filled on the transmission part of the machine (for example, rotary gear and bearing) on a regular basis (the common oil is selected).
4.Check if the buttons on the controller panel works well.


False Cause Solution
The controller no displays and power lights off after connecting the electricity


 Failure of power supply equipment or line  Arrange the electrician for assistance
 The input power supply is not in accordance with the requirement  Provide specified power supply
 The machine fuse is burnt down  Replace the same capacity of the insurance pipe.
 The machine doesn’t work when pressing ‘test’ key.


 Valve switch is with poor contact  Clear the timer and reset the machine.
 The rely is less contacted and cannot self lock  Inform OTS
 The ‘timer’ has reached the set value  Inform OTS
 The fuse is burnt easily


 Abnormal of input voltage  Return to normal power
 The cylinder doesn’t work.  Repair or change a new cylinder
 The machine runs but the timer doesn’t work  Timer is broken  Change a new timer
 The proximity switch is disconnected in the middle and the position is offset or damaged.  Reconnect

Adjust the position

Change a new switch

 Unstable speed  Unstable pressure  Change

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