Rain Spray Test Chamber IPX78

Comparison between immersion depth and air pressure

Operation Instruction
1. Add water to the tank till it covers test sample.
2.Connect the power plug to the socket. (the socket must be grounded)
3.Insert the intake pipe into the air source. The trachea is 8% with a matching quick air receiving nozzle.
4.Loosen the nut on the cover and open it backward. Place the test sample in the tank.
5.Turn on the power switch, the indicator light is on, indicating that the equipment is powered on normally.
6.Adjust the small button according to the time on the time relay and adjust the time to be tested by addition and subtraction.
7.Set the pressure value on the pressure controller according to the required water depth, as shown in the following figure:

How to set the pressure: Press ‘MODE’, ‘L0-1’ and its value shows. L0-1 means the pressure goes down to this value then comes up; Press ‘MODE’, Hi-1 and its value shows. Hi-1 value means the control value after adding the pressure and closing the electric-magnetic valve.

Control principle: After the start-up switch is started, the electromagnetic valve is opened to start pressurizing the tank. When the pressure in the tank is equal to the Hi-1 value, the solenoid valve begins to hold pressure. If the pressure drop is equal to the LO-1 value when the pressure is kept, the solenoid valve is closed when the pressure in the tank is inflated to the pressure equal to the Hi-1 value, so as to automatically control the pressure in the tank and automatically keep the pressure.

For example: If we need to test the pressure under 2.8m (2.8m = 0.028Mpa. see chart: Comparison between immersion depth and air pressure) Press ‘MODE’ → L0-1 shows → Press +/- to make the value into 0.026 → Press ‘MODE’ again → HI-1 shows → Press +/- to make the value into 0.028.

After starting the test, the pressure will be automatically added to 0.028Mpa to hold pressure, and when the pressure drops to 0.026, it will be pressurized to 0.028Mpa.

8.Press the "start switch" to start the pressure, add to the set pressure after the time relay begins to calculate the time, when the set time will automatically stop and will open the exhaust solenoid valve to discharge the air in the tank, in the test, press "stop switch" to stop the intake, stop the test.

9.After test, turn on the air evacuation valve on the machine, then open the door after the pressure in the tank is totally withdrawn.

10.After the test, if the water is not clean, you can open the drain valve drain tank residual water.

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