Vibration Test Machine

Random Test Alarm Channel X Open-Loop Reasons

1. Check whether the sensor and the sensor line are loose or not; if this phenomenon occurs, please tighten it immediately.
2. Check whether the sensor and the sensor line are damaged or not; if this phenomenon occurs, please contact the manufacturer for maintenance and replacement.
If these two phenomena do not exist, then the simplest and quickest way is to change other test conditions and test them again. If the test conditions can be used normally after changing test conditions, then it is necessary to check whether there are input errors, channel setting errors and sensor sensitivity setting errors in the test conditions of the open-loop alarm channel before changing test conditions. Another case is that the energy response is too small to start the vibration of the machine. At this time, the step size in the control parameters should be increased a little.
If the test condition is changed, the back-end can not be used normally, then the controller needs to do self-closed-loop test (connecting the drive line to DRIVE and voltage channel X, then changing the input mode in channel editing to voltage sensor mode - such as DC single-end, then clicking on the software to run, and paying attention to not opening the gain and gain knob of the control cabinet). If the closed-loop test is done, the controller can be used normally. It shows that the voltage channel of the controller is normal and can be checked step by step. If the closed-loop test can not be used normally, then it needs to contact the manufacturer for maintenance.

The channel open-loop extension platform has motion and no motion.
Motion: There is a signal output, no signal input leads to open channel, this situation needs to check the sensor and sensor line;
No Motion: There are output signals and input signals, but the output (input) signal is too small, so the sensor can not receive the signal, leading to open-loop;
If there is no output signal, it is necessary to check the pre-amplifier; if there is input signal, the controller can be judged by self-closed-loop test.

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