Problems Affecting The Product Quality Of Constant Temperature Humidity Test Chamber

Rapid Temperature Change Test, Fast Temperature Change Test

Reference standard GB/T24

Rapid temperature change test is used to determine the suitability of storage, transportation and use of products in a fast or slowly changing climate. The test process is a cycle at normal temperature, low temperature, low temperature stay, high temperature, high temperature stay at normal temperature, and the severity of temperature cycle test is determined by high / low temperature range, residence time and cycle number.

The rapid temperature variation test is suitable for the safety performance test of electronic gas parts to provide reliability test, product screening test, etc., at the same time, the reliability of the product and the quality control of the product can be improved by this test. Rapid temperature variation test is a necessary test and assessment of aviation, automobile, household electrical appliances, scientific research and other fields. It is suitable for the parameters and performance of the electrical, electronic, automotive, electrical, material and other products after the impact of the temperature and environment impact on the high and low temperature tests. It is suitable for schools, factories, military workers, research sites and other units.

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