Recommended Test Machines For Mattress

Recommended Test Machines for Mattress

We have two options for testing mattress: Electronic mattress durability test machine, and Cornell type mattress impact testing machine.

1.Electronic mattress durability test machine
Electronic mattress durability test machine adopts the servo control system, with the touch-type and manual interface controller, which can achieve the mattress rolling durability test. And the rolling stroke and test numbers is adjustable. This machine can also be extend to take mattress thickness automatic measurement test, the edge of the durability test, while the device is equipped with alarm, indicator and other auxiliary functions.
Standard: ASTM F1566:2009
Control: Touch-screen /Manual-computer interaction control + Software monitoring control (additional function )
Test function: Surface durability test
Size of test table: 2200mm×2200mm(L*W)
Max size of mattress: 2200mm*2200mm (L*W)
Sensor&Accuracy of displacement: Force measurement ±0.5%(Level 0.5) Displacement measurement ±0.1mm
Test speed of mattress roller: 16±2times/min (adjustable in the range)
Test area: 500mm(250mm from the center to each side)
Display: Manual-computer touch-screen (durability test)
Controller: PC spare parts+ software
Hexagonal roller: ASTM F1566 Standard hexagonal roller
Distance(from the center to each side):17±1in(430±25mm)
Edges:Edge R50mm、surface edge R100mm

Size: 270x350x210cm (WxDxH)

2.Cornell type mattress impact testing machine
Standard: ASTM F1566:2014
Control: Touch-screen /Manual-computer interaction control +PLC automatically programmable controller
Test function:
1. Cornell mattress impact, durability test
2. The rebound loss rate of the mattress under different high speed impact cycles (4in-3in loss rate)
3. Thickness and the changes of it under test.
You can test the mattress thickness changes, different stages of high impact cycle compression (4 inches -3 inches), loss rate data exported to the U disk, for the computer to edit the test report.
Size of test table: 2200mm×2200mm(L*W)
Max size of mattress: 2200mm×2200mm(L*W)
Display: Manual-computer touch-screen (durability test)
Test control: PLC controller+ High precision servo motor control system+ Flexure test module
Test mold: Continuous loading impact and torsion test
Speed range: Impact speed (100~160)±10 times/min adjustable;
Continuous loading impact and torsion test: (1~300)mm/min
Sensor& Accuracy of displacement: Range 5000N, accuracy + 0.5%, up to 0.5
Test loads / specifications: Ellipse:215*355mm,R108 Impact pad Weight: 11.5kg
Test times: 0~999999 times (adjustable in the range)
Additional function:
1.Automatic judgment of test completion.
2.Roll method, roll frequency, roll durability times, phases can be set.
3.Roller direction: up/down, left/right, automatically/manual can be set.
4.The screen shows abnormal problems in the controller and solutions, which is convenient for users and engineers to maintain.
Protective function:
1.Anti-shifting device of the mattress.
2.Test path limited device
3.Equipment power, leakage, power failure safety protection device.
Indicator of test completion and abnormal situation.


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