2 Four Kinds Of Judgment Methods Of Salt Fog Test Results

Salt Spray Test Chamber – Select the Appropriate Air Compressor

It is known to all that the salt fog test chamber must be equipped with three conditions of water, electricity and gas. Among them, the power preparation is relatively simple, and the manufacturer will directly give a clear answer to the choice of 220V or 380V according to different power.
But the choice of gas source is let users have a headache, and air supply pipeline gas also useful air compressor, under control of duct air pressure can, only most users are selection of air compressor and selection is based on the manufacturers to provide a inlet and gas pressure and air flow, according to these parameters, although users have found the available air compressor.
In fact, in addition to these three parameters, there is another parameter that is really important. The poor selection will directly affect the equipment life and air compressor life.
People who have used the air compressor know that there is a gas storage zhan on it, in fact, the function of air storage mixing is to buffer ", it makes the air supply more stable, in order to reduce the frequent start of air compressor, and at the same time let the compressed air precipitate in the air storage tank, which is more conducive to water and pollution removal.
On the contrary, if the air storage tank is too small, the oil pollution at the frequency of starting the compressor fails to settle, and the oil is brought into the salt spray corrosion test chamber after failing to filter. In this way, not only the air compressor's life is reduced due to frequency starting, but also the equipment life will be affected.

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