1 How To Distinguish UV Aging Test Machine For UVA Or UVB

Servicing and Maintenance Skills for UV Aging Chamber

UV aging chamber can well simulate the most intense summer ultraviolet radiation, it is widely used in: paint ink paints, resins, rubber, plastics, printing and packaging, adhesives, automobile and motorcycle industry, petrochemicals, cosmetics, metals, electronics, Electroplating, pharmaceutical, textile and other industries. How to service and maintain Uv aging chamber ? OTS will introduce some important skills for you.

1.The test chamber not be installed in dusty environment. If the test chamber is not used for a long period of time, we should cover the machine with plastic cover, to avoid intrusion. If there is dust, we should be clean as soon as possible.
2. The ambient temperature of the installation site can not change rapidly.
3. Equipment is best placed in a well-ventilated place (it is recommended to install the ventilation fan to maintain indoor ventilation)
4.Chemical exposure to the equipment is prohibited(away from combustibles, explosives).
5.During operation of the equipment , we must maintain adequate water.
6.During testing Period, we should minimize the time to open the door.
7. After each test is completed, remove the sample and clean the liner of the equipment.
8.The working room should be equipped with sensor and not be collide strongly.
9.After a long-time of disuse, if you need to re-use, we must carefully check the water, power and various components, to confirm equipment can work correctly before starting.
10.When equipment is in non-working condition, we should keep it dry, and drain the running water with a clean cloth to dry the studio and cabinet.
11.Due to ultraviolet radiation have a strong hazard on personnel (especially the eyes), so operators should minimize exposure to ultraviolet light (contact time should be less than 1min). It is recommended that operators should wear protective eyepieces and sheaths.

If the above serving and maintenance skills can be well followed by operators, the UV aging test chamber will work stably in a relatively long period of time and not be damaged easily(in addition to manual damage). If you have any good idea to maintain a test machine, welcome to contact with us, we love the feedback.

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