Share A Fault Cases About Vibration Testing Machine

Question :
When the vibration testing machine is doing test for a long time,but after few hours, the machine was alarmed for over-displacement. What is the cause of this failure?

According to the problems reflected by customers, communicate with customers to understand the situation of the site, around the project of equipment alarm, investigate the possibility of causing this problem.
The following information needs to be confirmed with the customer
1. Has the displacement required by the condition exceeded the rated displacement of the equipment?
2. Is alignment normal?
3. Does automatic alignment work?
4. Does the central airbag leak?

After communicating with customers, the above situation is normal.
But when communicating with customers, we find another situation: Over-displacement alarm happens during the customer's off-duty period.
According to this situation, confirm again with the customer: whether the customer site will close the external gas source at the end of work;
Then let the customer prepare a special air compressor for the equipment, do not disconnect the air source when running.
When the equipment uses an air compressor alone, it is observed again. The equipment can complete the test according to the time required by the customer, and there will be no alarm over-displacement during the period.

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