SIX Tips Before Vibration Test

The Purpose
The purpose of the vibration test is to test whether the product can withstand the vibration environment in transportation or usage during the life cycle, and to determine the standard of the design and function of the product. The essence of vibration test is to confirm the reliability and screen out the defective product before leaving the factory, so as to make the product a higher level and reliability.

Preparation of Vibration Test
1.You need to know the weight and size of the product in order to select the appropriate vibration test equipment. If the size of the product is larger, the heavier weight requires a special jig for fixing the sample. Generally, every laboratory has size drawing of their ideal tables, the fixture is designed by their drawings. The material must be rigid like steel or aluminum.

2.Current vibration test standards are: GB 2423,GJB 150A,GJB 360,GJB 548,GJB 4,GJB 367A,GB 25119 / IEC 61373 / GB 21563,GB 6587,GB 11287,GB 16806,QC 413,ISO 16750,GB 4857 and so on.

Sine vibration test standards:
GB/T2423.10-2008 Environmental Testing of Electrical and Electronic Products
Part 2: Methods of Test Fc: Vibration (Sinusoidal)
IEC60068-2-6-2007 Basic Environmental Test Procedures Part 2-64: Test Fh:
Vibration, Broadband Random Sampling
ASTMD4728-2006 Standard Test Method for Random Vibration Detection of Marine Containers
GB/T4857.23-2003 Random Vibration Test Method for Packaging Transport Package

3. Confirm the test conditions and the needed standards will be clearer. Some standards need to be selected according to the using environment of the products;

4. In general, the vibration test is in three directions; Sometimes only horizontal direction or only vertical direction is needed.

5.Vibration test belongs to mechanical destructive test. In most cases, there is no need to operate the test under power-on situation. Except power requirement of GJB150A-2009 propeller aircraft test and e functional vibration test in GB21563.

6.After test, users just need to observe if the appearance of the samples are damaged, the screws are dropped.

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