1 Thermal Shock Impact Test Chamber

Solutions for Lack of Circulating Water Pressure in Hot and Cold Impact Test Chamber

The thermal shock chamber can simulate the transient environment between high and low temperatures. In order to determine whether the product reliability and stability and other parameters are qualified. It will provide you with a basis for evaluating and improving the quality and reliability of your product. The hot and cold impact test chamber is used to test the resistance of products such as electronics, automobiles, rubber, plastics, aerospace, and high-end communication equipment under repeated changes of heat and heat. Today OTS will provide solutions for lack of circulating water pressure in hot and cold impact test chamber.

First of all, check the following two points:

1. Is the indicator in the display indicating the circulating water red and the indicator is flashing?

2. If the circulating water pressure is insufficient, the fault indicator shows that the red indicator is on and does not blink. The cause of this condition is very high. Please check one by one according to the following items:

1. Check whether the cooling tower power is on or not.

2. Check if there is water in the cooling tower .

3. Check if there is any damage to the water pump motor in the cooling tower. I

After analyzing the cause of the failure, Our next step is to find a solution accordingly:

Firstly, when the hot and cold impact test chamber appears in the test with insufficient circulating water pressure and the indicator light indicating circulating water in the screen is red indicating that the light is flashing, the following 1 and 2 situations have occurred during this period. However, the fault signal has been automatically ruled out.

Secondly, when the hot and cold impact tester has insufficient circulating water pressure during the test and the indicating light of the circulating water in the display is red and the indicator light is on and off, there are many causes of this kind of situation. Please exclude them one by one according to the following items:

1. Please turn on the cooling tower power supply!

2. Please check if there is any problem with the cooling water tower replenishment system and if the water inlet part is on!

3. Please inform the hydro power bank to replace the motor.

4. If not for the above reasons, please carry out maintenance. The manufacturer of cold and heat shock test chambers recommends that the freezing line should be asked from outside for maintenance and cleaning for the chamber. In addition, During humidification, water vapor does not overheat and does not increase the extra heat in the system.Also, spray water has a dehumidification effect when the control spray water temperature is lower than the point temperature required by the test.

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