Programmable Environmental Temperature And Humidity Chamber Operation Note Points

Solutions To Four Common Problems In Temperature Humidity Test Chamber

Solutions To Four Common Problems In Temperature Humidity Test Chamber:
1. When the temperature humidity test chamber suddenly breaks down during the test operation, the corresponding fault display prompt on the control instrument and the alarm prompt of the sound signal are given.
Operators can control equipment operation using the troubleshooting chapter of the quick check out what kind of failure, can ask professional rapid troubleshooting, to ensure the normal test.
Other environmental test equipment will have other phenomena in use, which should be specific phenomena, specific analysis and exclusion.
2. In the high-temperature test, if the temperature change fails to reach the test temperature value, the electrical system can be checked for troubleshooting.
Such as constant temperature and humidity chamber temperature rises slowly, will see the wind circulation system, to see if a driving cycle of damper opening to normal, on the contrary, will check whether the wind circulation of motor operates normally.
If the temperature is too hot, the setting parameters of the PID setting need to be set.
If the temperature rises directly, then the controller fails, and the control instrument must be replaced.
3, constant temperature and humidity test chamber in hot and humid test, an actual humidity 100% humidity vary widely, with the target or actual humidity lower more, the former phenomenon: may be caused the dry gauze on the wet bulb sensor, that is about to check whether the wet bulb sensor in the sink water shortage, water level in tank is composed of a water level controller of automatic control, check whether water supply water supply the normal water level controller, level controller working is normal.
Another possibility is the wet bulb gauze for long time, or purity of the water supply quality reason, can make the gauze harden, gauze to absorb water and dry, as long as the replacement or cleaning cloth can eliminate the above phenomenon.
The phenomenon of the latter mainly is the constant temperature and humidity test chamber humidification system doesn't work, check the humidification system of water supply system, whether there is a certain amount of water inside the water supply system, control the humidifying water level control of boiler water level is normal, humidifying in boiler water level is normal.
If all above is normal, the electrical control system should be checked, which should be repaired by professional maintenance personnel.
4, constant temperature and humidity test chamber temperature reach test indicators, then you have to observe the change of temperature, points out is temperature drop slowly, or temperature has a tendency to pick up after the temperature to a certain value.
The former will check and do the low temperature test whether the studio before drying, to keep the studio after drying and then test samples into the studio to do test, indoor test sample is placed too much work, make work indoor wind is not fully cycle, after excluding the reasons, and consider whether in the refrigerating system failure, it will please manufacturers of professional personnel for maintenance.
The latter phenomenon is the use of constant temperature and humidity test chamber equipment caused by bad environment, equipment placement environment temperature, the place of location and distance of the wall after (box) to meet the requirements (in the introduction to equipment operation has rules).

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