2.Water Spray Test Chamber IPX1 X8 Level Explain

Technical of Rain Test Room Introduction

Lines of the vehicle in the rain bus in the rain test room applicable standards: « QCT476-2007 passenger rain leakage test methods » equipment use 1.1 this lab test purpose is mainly subjects products under the condition of in the rain, the product to prevent the rain infiltration capacity and have been in the rain or rain performance. 1.2 check the Windows and sunroof installation is normal, sealed performance is reliable, the installation method is correct...

1. Equipment use.

1.1 the testing purpose of this laboratory is mainly the ability of the product to prevent the infiltration of rain water and the rain-proof performance of the product under the condition of rain.

1.2 check whether the Windows and skylights are installed normally, the sealing performance is reliable and the installation method is correct.

1.3 assessment of the test equipment is mainly used in electrical and electronic products shell/seal after water test or during the test if you can guarantee that the equipment status and good work performance and component technology.At the same time, the transportation process or use of the product may be affected by flooding, providing reference basis for product technical standards.

2.The application standard of vehicle rain check line: QCT476 -- 2007 "test method for rain proof of passenger car".

3. Design parameters of the whole vehicle gonorrhea test line.

3.1 equipment function: used in the rain test of cars.

3.2. Rainfall intensity: the front average is 12 plus or minus 1mm/min, on both sides and above, below and after, average 8 + 1mm/min.

3.3 power supply: AC three-phase 380V + 5% 50Hz.

3.4. Nozzle injection pressure :150kPa + / -10kpa.

3.5, use: suitable for auto side window detection and skylights water tightness, through in the rain, the outside in the rain test conditions and is similar to the state of nature, to confirm the water seal of the state of the equipment, to conduct a silicon waterproof may leak rain.

3.6. Pressure gauge: install pressure gauge at the outlet of the pump, pressure: 0-0.5mpa.

3.7. Flow meter: install flow meter after the outlet of the pump, flow rate: 0-25m3/h.

3.8. The outer edge of the housing frame (length x width x height) m: 16000 x 5600 * 5000.

Iv. Design philosophy:

4.1, based on the principle of advanced and reliable, economical and practical, according to the characteristics of products, actively adopt advanced and mature technology and equipment, improve the ability of water seal test makes the indicators meet the technical requirement and enhance product market competition ability.

4.2. Reasonable layout and smooth logistics in the design, and pay attention to the energy-saving measures of the equipment and rational use of energy.

4.3 implement national policies and regulations on environmental protection and labor safety and health. The whole project meets the "three waste" emission standards and industrial hygiene standards stipulated by the state.

4.4 the selection of equipment and materials shall be mainly domestic, which will achieve both economic rationality and advanced and reliable purpose.

V. process description:

The shower room is mainly used to test the water seal of the car. Through the shower room, the condition of the rain check is similar to the natural state outside, to confirm the water seal status of the vehicle.

In the rain zone: get wet in the rain and reach a certain intensity by using jet injection surface of the window, at the same time has a sewage treatment plant, the circulating water filtering processing, remove the mud sand and impurities, to the recycled water standards.The frame structure of the shower room is welded on site.

Vi. Description of equipment and performance and parameters:

6.1 shower area:

Car window rain leakage test device to ensure that the water from the top side and direction to the car window, avoid water blind Angle, ensure water pressure and flow rate corresponding to each part of the car to meet the national standard requirements.The frame structure of the shower room is designed to protect the rust and prevent the shock. The whole equipment is easy to operate and easy to repair and maintain.

The equipment mainly includes: spray system, water supply system, water circulation system, sewage system, electric control system and so on.

6.2 sprinkler system:

The whole shower system is composed of pipeline, nozzle, valve, filter, water pump and display device.

6.2.1 pipeline:

1. Supervisor: all spray pipe materials are made of stainless steel tubes;The inner diameter of the water pump suction pipe is 150mm, and the diameter of the water pump is 100mm on the top of the main diameter of the water pump. The inner diameter of the water pump outlet to the bottom of the flowmeter is 100mm.

2. Branch pipe: the spray branch is made of stainless steel tube, and the pipe diameter is 32mm.

6.2.2 nozzle:

1.Adopt adjustable plastic nozzle.The injection state is solid cone with a taper Angle of 60 degrees.Water spray Angle, the top nozzle is perpendicular to the horizontal plane, the nozzle design conforms to the national standard.The nozzles are square, and there is no blank area in the spray area.The nozzle can be adjusted according to the spray Angle.According to the design basis in showers the room arrangement, 6 surface water jet nozzle transverse and longitudinal spacing is 400 mm, a total of 850 water jet, the top 240 water jet, the left side of 210 water jet, 210 water jet right side, 130 at the bottom of the water jet, positive 30 water mouth, tail 30 water jet

2.The nozzle and corresponding body outer surface distance: the roof is 700mm, the distance between the two sides is 620mm, no mobile nozzle.

3. The axis of the top nozzle is perpendicular to the horizontal plane, and the axis of the side nozzle is perpendicular to the longitudinal symmetry plane of the vehicle.

6.2.4 filter device: install two filters in the tank to effectively filter the impurities in circulating water, reduce the blockage of the nozzle, and ensure the normal operation of the system.

6.3 automatic water filling system:

In order to fill the pool in time, a water supply system is designed, which consists of water inlet pipe, electromagnetic valve, water level switch, ball valve and so on.Automatic operation of water replenishment in circulation basin reduces the workload and strengthens the stability of system operation.

1.The inlet pipe USES DN32 galvanized pipe to guarantee the water supply.

2.The floating ball type mechanical switch device is set at the end of the water supply pipe. When the water supply reaches the set maximum liquid level, the mechanical device closes the water supply pipe.


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