1 Thermal Shock Impact Test Chamber

Technical Principle Of Hot And Cold Thermal Shock Impact Test Chamber

Hot and cold Thermal Shock Impact Test Chamber for the object, including metal, plastic, rubber, electronic ... ... and other materials.

Used to test the material structure or composite materials, in the case of rapid cooling down the test material or product performance, in order to test the shortest possible time of its thermal expansion and contraction caused by chemical changes or physical damage.

1. The principle of Hot and cold Thermal Shock Impact Test Chamber is as follows:
It is divided into three parts: high temperature zone, low temperature zone and test area. The test product is placed in the test area. The temperature of the high temperature zone or the low temperature zone is hit into the test area at the time of impact. The test product is static.
2. The use of touch-type control operation interface, easy to operate .
3. Impact mode Application of air way to switch the temperature into the test area, do hot and cold impact test.
4. High temperature impact or low temperature impact, the maximum time up to 999H, the maximum cycle up to 9999 times.
5. The system can be used for automatic cycling or manual selective impact and can be set to two or three areas of the impact and cold shock and thermal shock start.
6. Cooling mining binary refrigeration system, cooling effect quickly, cooling water-cooled.
7. Hot and cold Thermal Shock Impact Test Chamber technology can be tested at room temperature to meet the implementation of standards and test methods: GJB150.5 temperature impact test; GJB360.7 temperature impact test; GB / 2423.22 temperature impact test

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