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Tensile Machine Frequently Encountered Problems In Using Process

Tensile machine frequently encountered problems in using process:

A. The rhythm of the needle back to zero or unstable
1, the needle bearing, spindle bearing corrosion or oil: cleaning or replacement of bearings.
2, tooth rod deformation or gear and gear does not engage: straightening gear or cleaning, repair gear, sheave and other transmission parts.
3, the buffer valve is dirty: cleaning buffer valve.

B. The driven needle stagnation or displacement
1, driven by the elastic spring or the size of the driven needle and the impact of the disc caused by the impact of the size of the impact: adjust the elastic spring from the moving spring or moving pin and the indicator plate gap.
2, from the needle at both ends of the weight of a deviation: adjust the weight at both ends, to balance.

C. Rally pendulum back too fast or too slow
1, the buffer valve position placed improperly: adjust the buffer valve to the appropriate location.
2, the hydraulic oil viscosity is too low or too high: the hydraulic oil viscosity is too low when the pendulum down fast, slow down when the viscosity is slow. Should replace the appropriate viscosity of the hydraulic oil.
3, the buffer valve, tubing or hydraulic oil is dirty: cleaning buffer valve, tubing. Replace the hydraulic oil.

D. The indication of irregular deviation
1, tooth rod, gear oil, wear or burr: eliminate the gear, gear oil, burr, find out when the tooth contact angle, and then correct the gear, gear; if you can not eliminate the error. ,gear.
2, Rally machine is not installed: adjust the level.
3, tooth rod bending: straighten or replace the gear, adjust the gap of the rolling wheel.

E. Rally showed positive deviation
1, short arm blade is loose: the blade firmly.
2, swing mound partial light: to the mound weight (to take into account the weight of A, B, C mound).

F. Showing the negative deviation of the main reason is the friction between the components of excessive resistance. Specific reasons and solutions are as follows:
1, the needle bearings, pendulum shaft bearings and force transmission parts friction resistance is too large: the main adjustment, cleaning bearings and force transmission components to eliminate the abnormal friction resistance.
2, the upper chuck, driven pin spring tension and depiction of the frictional resistance of the device: adjust the upper chuck, driven spring spring tension and depict the device components to eliminate the abnormal frictional resistance.
3, the piston rod and pendulum parts are not flexible: adjust the two parts connected. Make it flexible.

G. Change the pendulum when the pointer does not return to zero
1, Rally machine is not installed: the level of the test machine to adjust the level.
2, pendulum is not vertical: only hanging A mound. Adjust the balance mound to make it vertical.

H. Rally machine when the load, the pointer trembling or when the time to stop
1, clutch gear wear: need to repair or replace.
2, friction plate leather washer or spring wear: need to replace the leather washer or spring.
3, the handle handle shift: adjust the joystick, so that with the alveolar with good.

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