2 Four Kinds Of Judgment Methods Of Salt Fog Test Results

Test Differences of Salt Spray Tester

Salt spray tester is to test the anti corrosion capability of protection, painting layer, some spare parts and electronic components.

Generally, there are two kinds of tests of salt spray tester: NSS test and ACSS test. What’s the difference between them?

1.Temperature difference:
NSS test:
Test chamber: 35℃±1℃ Pressure bucket: 47℃±1℃
ACSS test:
Test chamber: 50℃±1℃ Pressure bucket: 63℃±1℃

2.Different material requirement of test chamber
For NSS test, typical PVC board can satisfied this requirement. But for ACSS test, the chamber material needs to resist high temperature and strong acid. PP board can make it.

3.Different test standard
NSS test: GB/T2423.17-2008, GB/T2423.18-2000 GB/T10125-1997,
GB/T10587- 2006, GB10593.2-1990, GB/T1765-1979, GB/T1771-2007,
GB/T12967.3-2008, GB/T5170.8-2008

ACSS test: All standards above, and with IEC、MIL、DIN、ASTM、IS、CNS standards.

4.NSS test solutions in different countries
China: NacI Distilled water; Potency: (50±5)g/l; PH 6.5~7.2
USA: NacI Distilled water; Potency:5%±1%; PH 6.5~7.2
Germany:NacI Distilled water; Potency: (50±5)g/l; PH 6.5~7.2
Japan: NacI Distilled water; Potency:5%±1%; PH 6.5~7.2
France: NacI Distilled water; Potency:5%; PH 6.5~7.2

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