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Test Method For Temperature Stability Of Vacuum Drying Oven

Test method for temperature stability of vacuum drying oven:
1. Select the high working temperature of the true empty box as the test temperature
2. After the operating temperature of the real empty box reaches the set temperature for 2h, the temperature at the test center is tested once every 1min. A total of 30 temperature values are measured within 30min, and the average value is taken as the initial average temperature.
3. Test every 4h for a total of 6 times.
Six temperature values were recorded at equal intervals within 5min each time and the average temperature was calculated
4. Take the large value of the difference between the average value of 6 temperatures and the average value of the initial temperature, which is called the temperature stability of the vacuum drying box;
High working temperature does not exceed 200 ℃, chamber within 24 h of temperature stability should not be greater than 2 ℃;
The high working temperature over 200 ℃, chamber within 24 h of high temperature stability should not be greater than 1% of the working temperature.

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