1 Temp And Humidity Test Chamber

Test Standard EN 438-6 and Machines That Might Be Used

EN 438-6 standard is designed for decorative material like HPL and thermosetting resin based sheet (commonly known as laminate) in Europe. According to Part Six of this standard, OTS collects the machine that might be used:

Test Standard Sample Spec. Test Machine
Bending modulus EN ISO 178 80*10mm Special testing machine for elastic modulus
Bending strength EN ISO 178 Special testing machine for bending strength
Tensile strength EN ISO 527-2 200*200mm Special testing machine for tensile strength
Density EN ISO 1183-1 200g Densimeter
Resistance to impact by large diameter ball EN 438-2clause21 230*230mm Falling ball impact testing machine
Resistance to wet conditions EN 438-2clause 17.4.2 150*150mm Temp and humidity chamber
Dimensional stability under high temperature EN 438-2clause 17.4.3 250*50mm Temperature and humidity dimensional deformation test system
Resistance to climatic change EN 438-2clause 19 80*10mm High low temp chamber
Resistance to UV light (Layer) EN 438-2clause 28 150*75mm


UV weathering tester
Resistance to artificial gasification (including light fastness) EN 438-2clause 29 150*70mm Xenon test chamber

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